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Stephenie Meyer - The Creator Of The Twilight Saga

Product Code: 3167


Author Marc Shapiro
Publisher Macmillan
Language English
ISBN No. 9780330519052
Binding Paperback
No of Pages 211
Age Group

Stephenie Meyer is as important to "Twilight" fans as the characters in her novels. This wonderful, warm book will answer fans' most burning questions about the author of the blockbuster bestselling "Twilight" books, which have taken the world by storm. It includes eight pages of full-colour photographs, exclusive interviews and never-before-revealed details. This is a must-have for the millions of "Twilight" fans! Where did the idea for "Twilight" come from? Which music did Stephenie listen to as she wrote each book? What are the latest details on the films of "New Moon", "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn"? What does Stephenie Meyer think of Robert Pattinson? What was Stephenie like as a child? What is the real story behind "Midnight Sun"? What are Stephenie's plans for the future? How did she come to write "The Host"? And much, much more... 

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