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Corporate Divas

Product Code: 3130


Author Sonia Golani
Publisher Penguin
Language English
ISBN No. 9780143415138
Binding Paperback
No of Pages 229
Age Group

Eighteen extraordinary women from the corporate world share their success mantras for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs

Eighteen extremely talented and determined women have balanced the home and the boardroom with equal aplomb, setting standards in the corporate world for all to follow.

Corporate Divas offers inspiring insights into what motivates and sustains India’s leading corporate women. Through a series of in-depth conversations, this book reveals the unconventional styles and the secret mantras they use to achieve phenomenal success in their professions. A riveting and an uplifting read, it is an indispensible resource for anyone striving to build the right attitudes for success in today’s highly competitive global environment.

Women featured in the book:
* Chanda Kochhar        * Dipali Goenka         * Mandeep Maitra
* Manisha Girotra        * Naina Lal Kidwai         * Preetha Reddy 
* Punita Kumar Sinha     * Rajshree Pathy        * Roopa Kudva
* Shikha Sharma         * Sminu Jindal             * Tanya Dubash 
* Urvi Piramal             * Vedika Bhandarkar     * Vinita Bali 
* Vinita Gupta             * Zarina Mehta            * Zia Mody

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