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The Awakened Family: How To Raise Empowered, Resilient, And Conscious Children

Product Code: 5211


Author Shefali Tsabary
Publisher Hachette
Language English
ISBN No. 9781529301779
Binding Paperback
No of Pages 392
Age Group 18 Years +

The Awakened Family: How to Raise Empowered, Resilient, and Conscious Children

This is the absolute best and most important parenting book.
Dr. Shefali boldly accomplishes what no other parenting book has been able to fully achieve.

Become the awakened parent you've always wanted to be and watch your children thrive.
All parents have aspirations for their children but for some these hopes turn into unrealistic expectations. In many cases, this puts huge amounts of pressure on children and has the potential to cause real harm, hindering your child's development.
Challenging modern myths on how kids should be, Dr. Shefali helps parents recognize children for who they truly are instead of holding onto society's impossible ideals.

She addresses the many challenges that parents experience with their children--at the causal level. She gets to the root of problems. The author shows us that our children are never triggering us. Conversely, what is getting triggered are our past wounds. That in every moment there is always a choice to react or respond. When we move into reactivity, this is about our own hurt and fear. Dr. Shefali masterfully helps us see that our children are here to show us where we need to grow. She says children are our "awakeners."

In the excerpt below, the author explains the parent-child dynamic:

"Our children are particularly effective mirrors because although we can divorce our spouse and abandon our friends, our children are here to stay. It's in our relationship with them more than any other that we are challenged to examine those aspects of ourselves we would ordinarily deny or avoid. When we are able to look into the mirror, they provide us with and address our issues, we not only clear the fog from our own vision but also begin to see our children for who they truly are. In this way, we become a reflection of their authentic self."

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