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The Adventures Of Tintin- Explorers Of The Moon

Product Code: 3527


Author Herge
Publisher Egmont
Language English
ISBN No. 9781405206280
Binding Paperback
No of Pages 62
Age Group

Tintin Explorers On The Moon, as the name suggests, sees Tintin have an adventure on the moon itself. A continuation of Destination Moon, Tintin, Snowy, Professor Calculus and his assistant Frank Wolff, along with Captain Haddock and Thomson and Thompson, head to the moon on an expedition.

The mission is jinxed right from the start with many accidents and obstacles to overcome, the primary one being the presence of two additional members when the rocket has only enough oxygen for four instead of six. Unexpected disasters like Haddock unintentionally engaging in a spacewalk, landing difficulties and Thomson and Thompson sprouting hair that changes color are seen at the beginning of the mission. After the crew lands on the moon, they explore the area in detail. A sudden discovery of an unexpected spy among the gang turns up the tension. A dastardly villain appears and chaos soon ensues. The climax sees Tintin and the villain in a fight to the death. An unexpected casualty and a brave act of remorse is shown as the crew returns to earth.

Tintin Explorers On The Moon was written and released a decade before the historic flight of Apollo 11 landing on the moon in 1969. However, Herge was keen on ensuring scientific accuracy with the knowledge available at the time. The rocket bears a resemblance to the V-2 rockets which caught the imagination of the public. Even the checkered design bears a resemblance. Many other such scientific accuracies like water on the moon and inaccuracies like the crew being upside down can be inferred on further analysis. Nevertheless, Tintin Explorers On The Moon features innovative ideas and art in depicting a storyline far from its present realities.

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