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Quantum Learning

Product Code: 4700


Author Bobbi Deporter
Publisher Delta Publishing
Language English
ISBN No. 9780440504276
Binding Paperback
No of Pages 356
Age Group Not Available
Quantum Learning
Learning Was Never Like This!

Take control of your life... free your natural genius to perform to its true potential. Quantum Learning features a revolutionary new format that introduces the reader to a world of learning unlike any other.

Never before has a guide been designed to accommodate the unique learning style of the individual. Whether you're a professional, a student, or a person who simply wants to improve his or her learning capacity, this extraordinary guide will increase your personal power, help you learn more, earn more, and take you where you want to go.

Inside you will learn:
-How to spark your motivation.

-How to master high-tech note-taking techniques.

-How to discover your own personal learning style and cultivate a winning attitude.


- How to work your own memory miracles, how to write with confidence, and much, much more!

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