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Geronimo Stilton : Kingdom Of Fantasy # 6 The Search For Treasure

Product Code: 3557


Author Geronimo Stilton
Publisher Scholastic
Language English
ISBN No. 9780545656047
Binding Hardcover
No of Pages
Age Group

Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy: The Search for Treasure will take the readers on a journey to the magical Kingdom of Fantasy.


This is the sixth expedition of Geronimo in the Kingdom of Fantasy. This book revolves around Geronimo’s encounter with the evil empress of the witches. He is needed to fulfil the prophecy of the Ancient Gemstone. The evil empress is desperately looking for the Royal Sapphire, and if she combines this precious stone with her Royal Ruby, she will have access to immense power. To save the Kingdom of Fantasy from the impending danger, Geronimo sets on a quest to find the two gemstones before anyone else does. With his friends by his side he travels in disguise to save the Kingdom of Fantasy from the evil empress.

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